We have received a grant for £2000 from Postcode Local Trust to fund our new project “Ponies reducing Isolation of Older learners”

We have adjusted our original project, with Postcode local Trust’s approval due to the impact of COVID-19. 

As a result of being in Lockdown at present we can not allow people to come in person to Bodster CIC but we can run some sessions “Virtually” with learners through Skype, facetime, Whatsapp and Zoom so from 1st July we will initially run sessions virtually, once a week with older learners in this way. We will similarly “virtually” complete some conservation work where learners will tell us what they would like us to do eg. what they want us to plant and build and we will also ask them if they want to make some things at their homes during this Lockdown period. 

Then once the Lockdown period is over and people can come to Bodster CIC we will run the sessions as agreed in the original project and older people will be able to come, initially on a one to one basis once a week and then hopefully eventually in small groups to spend time relaxing with our herd, observe them, take photographs, groom + be “mindful” with them– it has been proven spending time with ponies in nature doing conservation work improves mental well being. They will meet new people + set goals to help move forward in their lives.  Sessions will include conservation work eg. plant seeds, trees + nature-based craft developing friends via team exercises. This learner led project will evolve. 

Similarly we originally aimed to run an Open Day at the start of October but again if the Lockdown continues we may need to run a “Virtual” Open Day and run the real Open Day at a slightly later date when we can have people here in reality.

We would like to thank The Postcode Local Trust for their generous support and grant.