Healthwatch Isle of Wight Community Cash Fund

As a result of receiving funds from Healthwatch we are running a project for 10 weeks of outdoor activities ( some indoor in bad weather) in our non-pressurised setting for 15 learners, some who will be new and some who have come to Bodster in the past, with mental health issues/depression, especially those who feel isolated and/or with learning disabilities.

This will be a new project where learners can work together to complete some conservation work at Bodster CIC, including planting seeds and trees and also some nature-based craft to help improve their mental well-being and enable them to develop mindfulness techniques through team exercises.

Part of this project will involve learners being actively involved in contributing to a report Bodster will produce & send to Healthwatch to :-

  • Give feedback from local learners about health and social care services 
  • Give feedback about how the project has increased the participation and involvement of communities in health and social care related services
  • Explain how the project has improved the wellbeing of communities through involvement and engagement
  • Explain what the overall positive health & wellbeing outcome for people has been and how this has been measured

Do get in touch with Giles and Jo Boddington to find out more about this project